About us

A team of industry veterans on a mission to create the next generation of vaping products

Who are we?

Aquios was founded by a team of vaping industry veterans with decades of combined experience in the field. From engineers to product development managers, production managers and a world-class compliance team, Aquios Labs covers the full spectrum of skill sets required to create the next generation of vaping products.

What is Aquios?

Aquios is a combined technology framework that enables water-based vaping. Our hardware design works in harmony with specialised e-liquid formulation to deliver an entirely new category of vaping products.

Our values


We believe that vaping has the power to accelerate tobacco harm reduction around the world and reduce the consumption of combustible tobacco. To realise this vision, vaping devices have to improve. Our vision is to develop vaping technologies that improve the vaping experience while maximising harm reduction potential.


At Aquios Labs, our mission is to produce industry-leading vaping products, with fully traceable ingredients, responsible marketing and a continuously evolving technology portfolio. Our AQ30 technology already supports 30% water content, and this is just the beginning.

Work with us

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