A revolutionary new technology that enables water-based vaping.


Water-based vaping has arrived

Aquios AQ30 is a revolutionary new technology that enables water-based vaping. For the first time ever, the power of water has been harnessed in vaping to deliver smoother vapour, faster satisfaction and purer flavours. 


What makes it better?

Faster Satisfaction

Water-based vapour has greater bioavailability than traditional vapour, which means faster, more effective satisfaction from each puff. Say goodbye to cravings.

Smoother Vapour

Water-based vapour is lighter, cooler and naturally aligned with our bodies. This results in a much smoother vaping experience, which is ideal for transitioning smokers.

Reduced Dehydration

VG and PG draw water from the body and cause dehydration. In water-based e-liquid, reduced VG and PG content, in addition to 30% water results in dramatically reduced dehydration.

Natural Flavours

Water acts as the perfect vessel to carry flavours with more clarity than VG or PG can deliver. Water-based vaping allows you to taste flavours as nature intended.

Frequently Asked Qustions

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We only use distilled water in our formulations and strictly control all stages of production to keep all of our products free of contaminants.
You may find that the flavour produced by water-based vaping devices is cleaner, lighter and more natural. Traditional e-liquids tend to produce overly sweet and artificial flavours. The water content of Aquios e-liquid helps to reduce this.
The first generation of our technology, AQ30, contains 30% water, but we are working to increase this continuously.
Normal vaping hardware isn't designed to be used with water, so that would cause leaking or dry hits. In addition, the water would separate from the other ingredients over time. Aquios e-liquids and hardware have been specially designed to work together and overcome these issues.
Although that is possible, our tests have shown that increasing the water content of e-liquid improves smoothness, nicotine delivery and flavour clarity. We want to maximise these benefits!
Yes, this is possible and something we are working on, however we want to educate consumers about water-based vaping with pre-filled devices first.


What people say

We find this technology very valuable in supporting our quest to offer less harmful solutions to traditional tobacco.

Darrell Suriff CEO of Pastel Cartel

I like the feel and size of the Device and the Vapor is smoother than with regular Disposables.

Sinan Töremis Purchasing Manager

The partnership between Innokin and Aquios labs is a natural fit. Like Aquios Labs, we pride ourselves on continuously innovating.

George Xia Co-founder of Innokin

The flavors are extremely good, punchy, satisfying and super 'clean'.

Matt from SMM Youtuber Reviewer

Very smooth vape experience.

VapingWithTwisted420 Youtuber Reviewer

Very smooth draw - they nailed the new technology. You could strictly use these and be more than satisfied.

AmbitionZ Vaper Youtuber Reviewer

A great alternative for those who are sensitive to VG or PG. Super smooth inhales and throat satisfaction. Extremely pure taste thanks to 30% water content.

Wendy V Reviews Youtuber Reviewer

Incredible wicking action - no dry hits ever Less dehydrating qualities compared to traditional e-liquid. Good for people with PG or VG allergies.

DJLsb Vapes Youtuber Reviewer

Great slightly sweet and satisfying flavor - delicious! Holy CRAP! That is freakin' delicious man!

IndoorSmokers Youtuber Reviewer

The flavor is very very smooth, wow it's like you're not even hitting anything at all almost.

DisorderVapes Youtuber Reviewer

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    Aquios Labs has developed a revolutionary new technology that enables water-based vaping. For the first time ever, the …

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    Faster Satisfaction

    Increasing nicotine delivery speed is a huge deal in vaping, as it allows vapers to satisfy cravings and reduce the temptation to reach for a cigarette. The vapour produced by water-based vaping devices has higher bio-availability than traditional vapes. This means nicotine is delivered to the bloodstream more efficiently, resulting in faster satisfaction than ever before.

    Smoother Vapour

    Many transitioning smokers find the sensation of vaping to be harsh initially and this can be a barrier in making the switch to a less harmful form of nicotine delivery. The inherent reduction in harshness from water-based vapour, plus the reduction in vaping temperature and PG content results in a significantly smoother vaping experience. This is a tangible advantage for new and existing vapers.

    Reduced Dehydration

    PG and VG are both hygroscopic, which means they absorb water from the body. Glycerol is so hygroscopic that the volume of absorbed water can be larger than the original volume of glycerol used. Reducing PG and vegetable glycerine (VG) content reduces the dehydrating qualities of vapour, resulting in a more pleasant experience for transitioning smokers.

    Purer vapour

    Water acts as the perfect vessel to carry flavours with more clarity than VG or PG can deliver. Water-based vaping allows you to taste flavours as n ature intended.